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Cicero ave safe to drive

Cicero ave safe to drive?
I have a very early flight out of Midway on Monday morning. Mapquest is telling me to take 290 and get off and head down Cicero Ave. I will be in that area around 4 am. Is this a safe option or should I try taking a longer route and going up I 55? I live in the Glendale Heights/Addison/Bloomingdale area. I have never been to the area around Midway. Thanks for any advice.
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The worst part of that route is south of I-290 to 39th St. Avoid this by exiting at Harlem, south to 39th St, east to Central Ave then right to 55th St. You'll get to the back door of MDW. turn left to Cicero and follow signs to parking.
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I sorta agree with the cabbie But I would use the First Ave exit Come all the way to I-55 N>Harlem Ave S> Left on 55th St and into the long term lots
3 :
The area between the Ike and Stevenson isn't the best you can avoid this area though by taking Harlem instead of Cicero, make a left on Archer and stay on 55th once Archer splits off to the left and take that right up to Cicero and your at the airport. If it was me I would just take Cicero, there shouldn't be awhole lot of traffic that early in the morning.
4 :
nothing is going to happen to you. I have to drive through worse neighborhoods at worst times every single day just to get to school
5 :
take 290 to 294 south then go to I55 east the get off at Cicero and go south it will be 3minutes from their Also its a rough area but you would be fine drive south on Cicero from 290 to midway

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