Sunday, February 1, 2009

Arizonians help me please!!!!!

Arizonians help me please!!!!!?
Looking to go on vacation. live in new york and also considering a move to the glendale area. The wife though, wants to go on vacation there first(smart). Trying to not spend much money and go in dec. thinking that it would be cheaper than the summer. Well was I wrong. Looking to go to phoenix, and dont wanna spend over $1100 for this trip with hotel and flight and vehicle. Any Ideas? PLease help. Liberty travel tells me $1600. I thought they were crazy cause i can go to dominican republic all inclusive for $1800 lol. Please help!!!!
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You can't compare Dominican Republic with Phoenix Arizona in the USA! As you discovered, winter is our expensive time to visit since we attract a lot of snowbirds (especially from Canada). The cheapest time to visit is the summer when most of the rates are cut in half from the winter rates. Check the individual resorts and hotels for current deals being offered. You should also check Hotwire, Priceline, etc. - all those places on line where deals can be had and sometimes bids taken.
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well you could drive down non-stop it will be 36 hours. if so stop and sleep over night maybe like 2-3 days, if i were you i'd drive. good luck

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